Horse, are you flogged yet?

Yeah, are ya? I am loving living in Vancouver, I really am. I live on the North Shore (North and West Van, I chose North) and look out my backyard to Grouse Mountain every day. Frickin awesome!!!! Better than the Southern Alps – almost!

The flogged, dead horse to which I refer is the ‘Great Vancouver Job Market’. Now, unlike the wonderful Vancouver Christmas Market downtown on West Georgia, thisvain’t a great market to sell or buy your goods. It is kinda ugly and can suck all the positive energy out of you a bit like the negative friend we all have had.

People say, ‘but Sue, you are Canadian-born so no problem.’ Shit, I wish!!!! All comes down to how much ‘Canadian experience’ you have which is a hard thing to get if you can’t find a Canadian job. The economy is still not fab and there aren’t alot of jobs and you are likely to be one of 200 or more up for ANY job you go for.

I became a teacher in ’09 and before that was largely admin, study and raising my kid. Since being here I have nannied, cleaned and worked as a temp. Perm jobs are a bit like winning Lotto. You just have to buy a ticket each week and ONE day you will win, or get a perm job.  I have been here 4 months and thank god, the temping is picking up slowly but surely.

To date I have applied for jobs in retail, hospo, nannying and other kinds of child care, deli jobs, supermarket jobs, volunteer stuff and well, I can’t rememember what else.

Right now I have $20 to my name. That will pay for the right hand corner of my bathroom in my basement suite for January’s rent!

But I keep flogging the horse – let’s call him Jasper – cos I know that everything will be okay. It has to be, right? I didn’t give up everything in New Zealand to come here and give up. Jasper would hate that. He loves a good flogging.

Yeah, I cry and throw things at Jasper but I love it here and am staying no matter what.

Besides, who would flog Jasper.



If Plan A fails, you still have 25 letters of the alphabet left!

That old adage what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger was certainly put to the test late last week.

The family that I was going to nanny for dropped the bombshell that they no longer want to employ a nanny. 7 weeks out, it felt like the world had stopped mid-spin.

Picked my jaw up off the floor, cried most of the day then quickly got to work on Plan B. Was put in touch with a kiwi girl who runs a nanny agency in Vancouver, have had a phone interview and am already being put forward for a job. Cinnamon ain’t down and out long.

I am so tickled to be moving to Vancouver. Beyond beautiful, laid back and best of all, my cousins live there. I just have a feeling that something FABULICIOUS awaits the Cinnamon Girl.


I am not adding any recipe to this post but did find this wee quote rather delicious.

Be the cupcakes that you all are.

Lots of love

Love, love, love


I was on Pinterest again……..I do other things as well, of course, and came across some really brilliant pictures and a wonderful website called 79 Ideas. The pic I have posted is just delicious and I HAD to share with everyone.

How are you all? I am great especially now that it is only 70 days (not counting or anything) til the big move to Toronto. It is still nervewracking but what big adventure isn’t?

I really can’t believe that it is happening. I look at photos of Toronto, read about it, scope out cool foodie places there and suddenly it dawns on me that I am going to be in amongst it all very, very soon. The most exciting thing for me is the chance to reinvent myself – I am currently fabulicious but would like to expand on the fabuliciousness quotient – but also just to be feeling and experiencing the energy of a city that has the total population of the whole of New Zealand!!!!!!! Excellent!

Searching out foodie stuff will be just the best thing. The St Lawerence Market is one of the best in the world and I spent alot of time there last time I lived in TO.

Anyway, onto my foodie share for this post. I ADORE lemon curd and make it alot. It is so easy and is like peanut butter, is best eaten straight from the jar with a whopping great spoon.


Have a wonderful week.


Just let me at it…..NOW!


Yeah, yeah I said I was moving on from WP but could not do it! Especially once I came across this little beauty! Another fab Pinterest find. I mean,I could just dive head first into that cake – not kidding!

I was encouraged by my steady increase in followers in the last few days and do feel loyalty to you guys. I appreciate you all checking in for a chat. Yes, the app frustration continued so I uninstalled it! I do have a PC but am keen to make the most of my tab and so far it is going pretty well really.

As I write it is pouring with rain outside so I am tucked up in my warm bed. New Zealand houses don’t have central heating generally and I can’t tell you how miserable that can make winter….ICK!!!! I don’t mind winter. I HATE IT without the loveliness of central heating. Another reason Toronto will be great.

Well, it is nearly midnight so I best hit the pillow.

Sweet dreams all.

Love Cinnamon

these little firecrackers go in everything, baby!


A mate facebooked me the other night pondering how she could make her cooking a bit more interesting.

She asked me if there was any particular thing I could share with her. I said ‘sure, kiddo! CHILLI FLAKES!’ She was a bit shocked actually. Hubby wouldn’t like it, the kids would puke and on she went. Not sure if she has tried them yet but I use them all the time.

I have mentioned that Kiwiland is still growing in the area of food trends and I can only buy these little eensie jars.

The other thing that goes in everything is garlic. My daughter has yet to cotton on to this….hee hee.

What things do you use all the time?

Cinnamon xxxxxxxx

Oh. My. God.


As you can tell this blog is a reflection of the author’s sweet tooth….lol. I just cannot help myself though. The picture of these treats is just gorgeous and well, LOOK AT THE TOPPING!

When we moved to New Zealand from Canada in 1971, you could not even buy coco cola!! True story. Mum made loads of things that made our new friends simultaneously wince and smile – try it. It is quite a talent. Rice Krispie treats made their way on the scene but made with honey which made them bullet-like! Ewwwwww! My family is responsible for introducing the much beloved peanut butter and jam sammie. At first our new friends thought we were barking mad but they soon saw the light at the end of the sandwich!

Enjoy these morsels but remember to share.

Lots of love
Cinnamon xxxxxxxxx

Marriage Equality in New Zealand…YEE HAH

I am a very proud Kiwi today. Last night the government voted to make same sex marriage legal. This makes me very proud and so happy for couples I know who can now marry should they so choose. Of course, there are the haters who say the strangest things about it but they are entitled to be tools if they choose. Free world, eh.

It annoys me thst the haters bring it down to the sexual act – good lord, is that how we are all defined? It so isn’t.

Would love to hear your thoughts on all of this.

Love Cinnamon