Six Months and Counting!

Afternoon All

It is a foggy, gray and rainy day here in Vantown but at least I am not suffering through 24 below and ice storms. Even the deep South has had snow overnight! Crazy!

On the 25th I celebrated 6 months in my new town. I called it my Vanniversary! Cute, huh? For anyone that has relocated to a new town, state, province or country, I think reaching 6 month mark is something of a milestone. It is a time when you know things have reached a wee bit of a settled state (hopefully!) and things will continue to become more and more familiar and comfortable and you should start feeling at home! A couple of weekends ago I was struck down by the worst bout of homesickness I have felt since moving here. It was crippling and while I hate to sound all dramatic about it, it was horrible to go through. However, a great insight came out of it and that was simply how important it is for us as humans, to have a Comfort Zone. I just never gave it much thought other than to try regularly to step outside it as we are encouraged to do and also, I just assumed that I was in one albeit a new one. Well, I got to thinking and realised that actually my comfort zone was a wee bit of a Work in Progress. Who knew, right?

Because I was worried I was on the brink of some decline from which I may never emerged, I googled ‘homesick’ and happened across an article highlighting the fact that when we move we lose our anchor points and therefore yearn deeply for what we left. We then need to find new anchor points which then need to remain stable so that we can begin to feel the connection to our new place. I found that really interesting and it has helped me alot to settle. My biggest anchor point has been my daughter who lives in Florida right now. It has been hard adjusting to her not being around but I got through that and am so excited that she will be moving up here in August. For a little bit, anyhow. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Spring is close at hand!!! That is a wonderful thing and it is getting lighter earlier and later and I can smell it in the air. Speaking of air, Vancouver has amazing, clean air and it always smells fresh which is just brilliant. No smog anywhere, ever!!!!!

As you all know, I have a kitchen ‘area’, not to be confused with having an actual kitchen and I am supposed to be experimenting and then writing about it. Well, I have not really experimented much at but promise that I am working on it! In the meantime, I am keen to hear from anyone who is a keen user of the Crockpot and to tell me what your most fave thing is to cook in it. Mine has been used for soup mostly and a few weeks ago I made an amazing Ham and Pea soup. It was fabulicious!!! So, get back to me with what you cook in yours.

If you are a Hellman’s or Best Foods Mayo person, both are good but this homemade baby is DELCIOUS and soooo easy:
If you’ve struggled to make mayonnaise using the drip method, this recipe demystifies mayo once and for all – just whizz it up and it emulsifies in seconds. You will need a wand mixer and a narrow jug.

Get making this mayo and share your Crockpot Creations with me.

Loads of love,