Kitchen? What kitchen?

As well as landing a job, I found a cute little bachelor suite in North Van. It is furnished, has a separate bathroom and loads of sun – on the rare days when we see sun and the neighbourhood is awesome. Rent is cheap, too. That would mainly be because there is no actual kitchen which has been horrifying to my friends who know how much I love to cook. My ‘kitchen area’ has a bar fridge, microwave, large toaster oven, hotplate and a crockpot. These all come with the place which is furnished. Now, this has not phased me at all because I see it as a challenge for 2014 to see what magic wonders I can produce and to share the outcome right here in the blog.

It will be a bit Julie and Julia……..only from the standpoint of cooking and writing about it rather than trying to emulate someone fab like Jamie or Nigella – tho I do have Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals on the window sill!

I am totally up for the challenge.

On coming here, everything I owned was given away and that makes you realise how much you take your kitchen gadgets and bits and bobs for granted. I don’t even have a potato masher right now, tho I do have some fab collapseable measuring cups. Apparently I can bake with the large countertop toaster oven thingy. I admit to missing having a proper kitchen but hey, why not make it into a fun blog topic?

My early blog posts usually included a recipe, a picture or at least 5 references to food so I am excited to show that wonders can come from an unusual variety of kitchen appliances. The hard thing is not having a freezer. The fridge has a wee one but not big enough for much more than a loaf of bread. Wonder if the boss would mind me using the one at work………

So, watch out as I get adventurous in the ‘kitchen area’ in 2014. If anyone has experience with limited kitchen things, please feel free to share.



See???? I am not kidding about it being an ‘area’. Love it though ♥♥♥♥


I Just Can’t Resist Chocolate


You gotta hand it to Martha. She does manage to inspire and, in my case, have to quickly run and check what I have in the pantry. This looks beyond amazing!

Well, we only have 72 days to go until we leave New Zealand for Toronto/Orlando, respectively. I waver between extreme excitement and abject fear! Once or twice a day I feel a minor panic attack come on where I think ‘what the hell am I doing’ which thankfully is well balanced by ‘this is the best decision ever!’

I think I am a worried mum more than anything. This is a huge adventure for my 18 year old (tho she will be a mere 19 by the time she leaves). I just want it all to be ok for her. I am so proud of her.

I can’t wait for it all to actually happen. The other times that I have packed up and left have had a short timeline and it was just me to get sorted….never let it be said that I don’t take up a challenge!

Night night fro Cinnamon.