What made you Happy today?


I would like to dedicate this post to Tamara Waugh who showed me that this way of thinking would be lifechanging! It was!

Tam is one of the founders of a Facebook page called the Happiness Experiment and it came about because of a challenge one of the other founders set herself whereby she would write down three goid things about her day for 100 days. This was 2 or 3 years ago and there are thousands of happiness finders now, including moi! But I admit to falling off the Happy wagon alot usually in conjunction with worrying about EVERYTHING and being a real pain to myself! It is totally exhausting being that negative all the time and whinging about what isn’t going right! Ugh!

Lately I required a kick in the Happiness butt because I was focussing waaaaay too much on my unhappiness thus becoming a danger to myself and to the community at large – soooo not kidding! Tam said that I better front up everyday and change how I was thinking because it sure as hell won’t change by itself! She was much kinder than that but the message hit home!

So, I undertook to be part of the Magic May Challenge which involved writing down my 3 good things EVERY day for the month of May. We are at day 20 and the change is RIDICULOUS!

To change my focus from what I did NOT have to what I DO have has profoundly changed me as a person and has given me purpose, stopped me being such a worry-wort and led me to feel totally chilled out! Who knew
right? I have a super-cute pink notebook, write down my three good
things, take a pic and post it to the page!

I am looking for jobs right now and my new attitude of just saying thank you for the things in the present moment, things that I am grateful for AND just being chilled enough to know that all will be well had led to rather great things happening like being granted interviews for EVERY job I apply for! It has also helped with my transition to my new City of VanGroovy which is huge because I was hating on that for a while!

If a negative thought – these don’t stop overnight – creeps into my mind, I tell it to buzz off to another home and this has meant that they just don’t get a look in!

The Happiness Experiment and the Laws of Attraction work together but you know what? I did not fully understand both until I truly NEEDED both leading me to believe that a concept can be introduced but until you really need it, you just won’t really get it! You need to FEEL the happy, thanks and gratitude!

I am the person I always knew was hanging out inside me and life is just utterly fabulicious! I attract great things, people and moments! I talk differently and my chatterbox has been mostly nailed shut. I say mostly because Rome was not built in a day and I have to work to maintain the new me!

The other great change is that I am not afraid anymore! Being thankful means strength and a huge shift towards courage and this feeling that you are in control. Of course you are because you choose to wallow
or float, right? Yip, I still get angry, worry and panic but am easily able to scoot those feelings along. More than anything, I feel relief! There is so much GOOD in my life and my past ceases to be an influence.

It just feels like everything is POSSIBLE! Because I believe it to be simpky by being thankful and grateful and all this great stuff just falls at my feet!

Thank you Tamara!