Vancouver… sexy beast!


Okay, so I made it here. One suitcase. No job. SCARED TO DEATH!!!! Have been here 4 months and by crikey, it has been more up and down than a toilet seat at a mixed party. Crazy hard to get a permanent job and right now it is a matter of getting enough temp work to cover the rent each month.

I have hated on it SO bad at times then I go for a walk and OMG, she sure is a beautiful town. I have cried and screamed and wondered what the f***  I was doing leaving New Zealand, my cats, my friends – in other words, my comfort zone – and trying to be clever and brave and courageous!

Well, guess what!!! I am all those things and about as tenacious as a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. I just ain’t givin’ up and the Universe is being a darling and plonking signs up in my face everyday.

This is the best thing I have done for me………watch this space!

Lots of Love


The queen returns

Love this. Seth does awesome work.


Queen Josephine made her spring appearance late yesterday evening just prior to sunset.  She placed herself amid the grass and in front of a row of trees.  With a light pink sky, a light mist, and a cool spring breeze, she spoke softly to those gathered before her.  Her words were kind, strong and short.  She once again emphasized kindness, peace, and tolerance.


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If Plan A fails, you still have 25 letters of the alphabet left!

That old adage what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger was certainly put to the test late last week.

The family that I was going to nanny for dropped the bombshell that they no longer want to employ a nanny. 7 weeks out, it felt like the world had stopped mid-spin.

Picked my jaw up off the floor, cried most of the day then quickly got to work on Plan B. Was put in touch with a kiwi girl who runs a nanny agency in Vancouver, have had a phone interview and am already being put forward for a job. Cinnamon ain’t down and out long.

I am so tickled to be moving to Vancouver. Beyond beautiful, laid back and best of all, my cousins live there. I just have a feeling that something FABULICIOUS awaits the Cinnamon Girl.


I am not adding any recipe to this post but did find this wee quote rather delicious.

Be the cupcakes that you all are.

Lots of love

Love, love, love


I was on Pinterest again……..I do other things as well, of course, and came across some really brilliant pictures and a wonderful website called 79 Ideas. The pic I have posted is just delicious and I HAD to share with everyone.

How are you all? I am great especially now that it is only 70 days (not counting or anything) til the big move to Toronto. It is still nervewracking but what big adventure isn’t?

I really can’t believe that it is happening. I look at photos of Toronto, read about it, scope out cool foodie places there and suddenly it dawns on me that I am going to be in amongst it all very, very soon. The most exciting thing for me is the chance to reinvent myself – I am currently fabulicious but would like to expand on the fabuliciousness quotient – but also just to be feeling and experiencing the energy of a city that has the total population of the whole of New Zealand!!!!!!! Excellent!

Searching out foodie stuff will be just the best thing. The St Lawerence Market is one of the best in the world and I spent alot of time there last time I lived in TO.

Anyway, onto my foodie share for this post. I ADORE lemon curd and make it alot. It is so easy and is like peanut butter, is best eaten straight from the jar with a whopping great spoon.


Have a wonderful week.


I Just Can’t Resist Chocolate


You gotta hand it to Martha. She does manage to inspire and, in my case, have to quickly run and check what I have in the pantry. This looks beyond amazing!

Well, we only have 72 days to go until we leave New Zealand for Toronto/Orlando, respectively. I waver between extreme excitement and abject fear! Once or twice a day I feel a minor panic attack come on where I think ‘what the hell am I doing’ which thankfully is well balanced by ‘this is the best decision ever!’

I think I am a worried mum more than anything. This is a huge adventure for my 18 year old (tho she will be a mere 19 by the time she leaves). I just want it all to be ok for her. I am so proud of her.

I can’t wait for it all to actually happen. The other times that I have packed up and left have had a short timeline and it was just me to get sorted….never let it be said that I don’t take up a challenge!

Night night fro Cinnamon.


Post 100 and Speedy Mayo♥

OMG! This is Post 100 and I am so excited. I wasn’t sure how far I would go with my blogging but I am just loving it. I started out doing posts that were meant to be funny and some of them were while some were kinda serious. Looking back, I wasn’t being a whole lot of fun really. Since I have been posting about food I have been making more of an impact and I love sharing the stuff I find.

The other day I posted about the speedy mayo and today I wanted to post the actual recipe. Annabel Langbein is a well known Kiwi food writer who does the most amazing quick fixin’s…this my fave and is THE BEST MAYO!


Simple Ingredients.



My ‘hood


Despite appearances to the contrary, I don’t spend all my time blogging or trawling Pinterest….hee hee. Somewhere in amongst it I find time to be a primary teacher, swim teacher, lifeguard and mum. Then there are the times lately where I have thought it would be cool to capture some evidence of how beautiful the town I live in is. So yesterday morning, tab in hand, I walked around my neighbourhood and took some pics.

The one I have posted is taken from a reserve that I often walk around and the mountains just looked so stunning.

Until September 2011, we lived in Christchurch which was hammered hard by 2 big earthquakes. Possibly the saddest and hardest time of my life. Makes me sad still. We decided to move south to a small town called Oamaru (pronounced Omaroo) and finally felt safe and able to heal.

It is a beautiful area of the South Island and we have had many blessings since moving here. Excited to leave and be a Big City Girl again though. I miss the vibrancy and energy. I love the quiet here but it was never my intent to live here forever. Worse, no malls!!!!!! Hee hee. That has just about killed The Daughter. The people can be kind of interesting too.


Nice chatting but I must head off to make these…


Cinnamon xxxxxxxx