Yes, New Zealand is a state in Australia……and other musings!

Yip, I totally understand that New Zealand is a wee place down at the bottom of the world and not alot is known about it other than that it is down under, but seriously? 

My daughter works at Disney World in Flo-rida and did in fact have someone say they had heard New Zealand was one of the prettiest cities in Australia. I find that really hilarious but not as great as the person who thought New Zealand was a country developed solely for the filming of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. Uh, yup, some strong hunks made it all on their own with shovels and wheelbarrows.

I get alot of joy from things like that as well as from the number of cute ideas that Americans have about Canada most of which I would understand if Canada was say, 3000000000 miles away from the US. Of course, it isn’t so Americans do feel free to give me the good giggles about my frozen, arctic homeland where I sleep soundly in my igloo each night then jump on my skis to go to work.






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